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1. I erased everything you sent to me, but I can’t erase the ghost of your touch running up and down my spine, and chilling every atom that I am.

2. I scrubbed until my skin was red and raw, but I can’t wash away your fingerprints from my battered, still-beating heart, and I don’t know if I ever will.

3. I rinsed my mouth with Listerine and the kisses of other boys, but I can’t get your name off of my lips or stop it from burning the tip of my tongue.

4. I cried enough tears to put oceans between us and drown in them, but I can’t make them stop, even though I should have run out of tears for you months ago.

5. I did everything I could to forget about us, but I still can’t figure out a way to go an entire day without seeing you when I close my eyes.


▲▲▲ I’m still not over you and I hate myself for it // -STG (inksplatteredpages)


do not call me daddy in bed. i have had beers with your father. he is a nice man. do not get me involved. 

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*seductively rubs laptop screen to get rid of speck of dirt*

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